This is the story of 3 years living aboard our yacht Dream Weaver 1, and cruising the coast of Australia from East to West and back again.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Last Dance.

One day we are living almost under the Story Bridge in Brisbane on a boat, and the next we are flying to the Phillipines for a job interview. Life is never dull in our corner. We have really enjoyed our short time in Brisbane where we are berthed at Dockside Marina. This is in Kangaroo Point precient. Location, location, location comes to mind with everything so close.

I have started to sort the city traffic out. My new nokia phone has navigator on it and it is worth its weight in gold. I can't say the same about my virgin mobile phone plan, its nothing but a headache and I would ditch it in a heart beat.
I have been doing Bowen treatments in a clinic at Clayfield as a locum, and today I worked at the MBF health expo in Chemside Shopping Centre. I am having a great time. Life in the big city is more fun then I expected.

We have found all the BBQs along the river front and are
enjoying the relaxed living in the centre of the city. On one occasion, a homeless man was sleeping in the next BBQ shelter. It was starting to get cold and my heart went out to him, to be cold and hungry in such a big city full of life, is sad. I offered him food but he told me his stomach had shrunk so much he couldn't eat more than a bite.

It has started to get a bit cold for us after being northeners for so long and we don't own too many winter clothes. We don't own to many clothes full stop. You can only fit so much on a boat.

We have had terra firma under us for a month now and I haven't missed sailing yet. Probably because everything is still so new and we have been so busy exploring the town on our pushbikes. They were a good investment.
Parking is to expensive in town to use the car so it is only used for emergencies. In the months to come between us we managed to log up fines for parking on a yellow lined curb (only the back wheels were in this marked area and I thought I would get away with it). The second time we pulled into a clear way 20 minutes after the pay and display time expired and I got out. A no no as we were to discover. The third fine almost resulted in us being towed. They had the tray down on the tow truck and were winching us on when we arrived to a very angry man whom let us off with just the fine of $60 dollars and not the $360 towing fine.

We have caught up with our friends and families with many of them visiting and staying with us now we are back on land. How I have missed them.

Cam has applied for a few positions around the place as well as the oppunitunity of an overseas position.
Before we could turn around twice we were flying to the Philippines for a job interview. While Cam was in the office in Manila and General Santos,I was taken care of by the other expats wives and got the chance to explore a litte of Manila. I tried to fit in as much as I could in case we never travelled this way again.
After returning and giving the matter serious thought we accepted the position. Since then my world is turning upside down yet again, which is pretty normal for us.
In 6 weeks time we will be overseas. Cam is to start work on the 20th of July.

I have surgery booked and that is going to put me out of action for about 8 weeks after the operation. We have had to list the boat for sale. Dream Weaver has been a faithful lady and I am having problems coming to terms with leaving her. She is our home. I love adventure but I don't like change. Once I make up my mind I can get on with it but its always a leap of faith.

We made a trip to Mackay to offload surplus I have collected over the years, and Cam had to finilize some work he was doing on contract.
We have taken photoes of the boat and contacted people whom we thought may be interested in buying her. But to no avail. All are broke or are at a different place in their lives at the moment so, what will be will be.
Since starting this blog I have had my surgery and the month following I had a few rough moments with post medical problems. Also my daughter has renal failure and has ended up in hospital as well. Following my recovery I have been completing my organ donor acceptence for Madelyn and this has been filling days in at a time.

I have made a flying visit to Mackay to finalize business and catch up with family and my new nephewwhile and Cam has already started work in the Philippines.

I have been packing the boat and putting our belongings into storage in Mackay with my Mum ,and storing even more belongings with Cams Mum. Is this what mothers do. One day I guess I will do the same for my kids.

Cam arrived back in Australia to move Dream Weaver from Dockside Marina to Manly. Dream Weaver is listed for sale with East Coast Marina and Manly Marina is more convienent for them should a buyer be interested. Also it is safer than leaving her at Dockside. Since we have been berthed at Dockside we have saved boats from damage after they have broken their ropes or busted their fenders from wash from the City Cats. Such is our concern, Cam has started a website Dockside submissions, giving people a chance to voice their concerns on a forum and

allowing them to have a united voice to bring about change instead of standing alone and being swept under the carpet.
We have left Dream Weaver with basic provisions so when we return to Australia for visits we can eat and sleep on her with no trouble.

In the days before leaving I had a media project to finalize. I have had to learn a new program to use for editing, and problem after problem arose. The day before flying to Manila, I finished the project and mailed the DVD. What a relief.
I have sold my purple ford Festiva. I stepped out of my little faithful car and handed over the keys to the next door neighbouring boat at Dockside. It was a sad moment, I have had her for 12 years and she never missed a beat, but time is slowing her down and a little more TLC is needed.
We hired a car for our last day in Brisbane to deliver the items of storage to the family farm and also collect my daughter to spend an few hours with her. I wanted to cuddle her and tuck her safely away. To a 14 year old this is definitely not cool. She is about boys, bebo, fashion and friends. Mums come way down the list. On a positive note this reassures me she is coping with what life throws at her in the best way she can. She is not so different to other 14 year olds.
We rose at 4am to catch our plane and finish our last minute packing. On flying out of Brisbane I was still finalizing things in my mind.
Our next adventure is about to begin.

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